A Week of Walking

I have been toying with (and talking about) taking pictures of my walks to share on my blog for a while. I walk to work (almost) every day and pass some truly beautiful things along the way. I think that I was really starting to take the beauty around me for granted, so I decided to finally stop talking about it and start taking pictures!

I decided that I would take one picture on my walk to work each day plus a picture from any additional walks I take on my days off to share on my blog. I started carrying my camera with me everyday and have resisted the temptation to take a ton of pictures each day and to focus on only one. Because there are so many varied things to see, I decided that I would break things into categories and share one picture from each category every week. So each Wednesday I will be sharing the pictures from the previous week’s walk. This is because I started taking pictures on Wednesday, so it just works out!

Here are this week’s pictures:


I could seriously devote an entire month to pictures of trees, there are so many different varieties of  trees that grow here! Coming from Southern California where our tree selection is limited to say the least, I am constantly enthralled by the sheer number of trees there are here!


Again, I could probably fill an entire week of just different pictures of tulips in a variety of colors, not to mention all of the other types of flowers growing here. Some of the flowers are in cultivated gardens, others are just randomly growing wild.  Be on the lookout for more tulip pictures in later blogs.


About 2/3 of my walk to work is in a residential are, the remaining 1/3 is definitely commercial. In the residential area I pass several churches, but this one is my favorite! I love the brick structure (am really into brick houses right now too) and just love the whole are around it. Because I won’t be taking pictures of people’s houses, there will be some interesting things showing up in the “places” category in coming weeks.


The weather in Seattle can change from one extreme to another within hours (there was literally a day where there was rain, sleet, high winds, snow & sunshine in a 10 minute span). Because of the changes in weather, the sky undergoes dramatic changes throughout the day as well. I am hoping to be able to get a great sunset on one of my walks, but should at least get some interesting cloud patterns on various days.


Ok, so this isn’t exactly “wildlife” but it was the best I could do this week. I usually see a variety of different birds or squirrels on my walks, but this week I wasn’t able to get a picture of any of them! On Monday, we took the dog with us on Adventure Monday, so I snapped a shot of her by the water while we were walking in Gas Works Park.  I did try to get a shot of some geese, but I couldn’t get close enough for the shot.


This category evolved more to fill a 7th slot than anything else. I like to have things structured and felt I should have 7 categories since there are 7 days in the week that I usually walk. There are several interesting and unique signs along my route, so I decided to throw this category in to round things out.


As the category says, this is a random shot. I see a lot of random things while walking! This shot is of the northbound I-5 freeway as I cross over it on my way to work. This is where my walk switches in my mind from residential to commercial, though there are still a couple of residential blocks left. But this is where the mood of my walk starts to shift and I am no longer relaxed but start to become more focused and my pace automatically increases. I love this particular stretch over the freeway because it feels almost powerful to be out there above the cars as they race by below, plus the wind is always high because there are no trees acting as a buffer.

So there you have it, a shot from each walk this week (and yes, the way my schedule worked out I worked 6 of the 7 days).

What are the beautiful things in your life?


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  1. I have really gotten lax about pictures lately. for the last few years, I’ve tried to take one per day (or at least most days), but it’s hard sometimes!

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