Tuesday TrEATS

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! I wanted to share with you another little slice of my life… or more specifically, what I ate today. I am working to make healthier choices in the types of food I’m choosing as well as in the size of my portions. I still have work to do of course, but am eating a much healthier (and much less processed) diet now than I used to.

**Note: when I use the word “diet” I refer to the sum total of foods that I consume, not a restricted eating plan or specific program as so many people have come to define the word. I am not on a “diet” and don’t believe in them.

That being said, I do believe in treats in moderation and will generally have some sort of treat everyday. Most of the time its a miniature chocolate, but today I actually had dessert….

Breakfast today was my go-to breakfast: whole wheat toast, peanut butter and a banana. I also added a glass of chocolate almond milk. This is my favorite breakfast and the one I eat almost every day. I recently found a new peanut butter that I am loving by a local company called CB’s Nuts, the only ingredient is peanuts, so its super clean, no sodium, no sugar, lower calories and super yummy! I am also the whole wheat bread I got in my Full Circle order and it’s really good. It’s also made by a local bakery.

Lunch consisted of a cheese sandwich on whole wheat made with fresh ranch dressing and tomato. I also had some leftover salad from last night and some multigrain chips by Food Should Taste Good. This is a little bit bigger than my lunches usually are, but I was working a longer shift today and knew I would be hungry by lunch time.

I had a snack right after work before heading home of some roasted pumpkin seeds. These are also from CB’s Nuts. I love all kinds of nuts and seeds, but pumpkin seeds are definitely a favorite!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, my roommate and I have started planning out our menus for the night’s we are all home for dinner. We usually cook dinner together, then her son gets clean up duty (he’s 12). Tonight we made a homemade shrimp scampi, coconut rice and kale. This was my first time having both kale and coconut rice and they were both delicious!! (so was the scampi of course).

At the beginning of this blog I mentioned that I believe in treats and that I had dessert tonight. When grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed that the mini cartons of ice cream (single servings) were on sale, so I picked up a few for the occasional indulgence. Here’s tonight’s flavor:

One of my roommate’s cats loves ice cream and he was all over me while I was eating it, hoping I would let him lick the spoon!

You may notice that I didn’t mention any drinks aside from the almond milk with breakfast. The only other thing I drank today was water… 8 glasses!

What new foods have you enjoyed recently?

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