Finding Inspiration

I think that we all have points in our life where we struggle to take the next step on our journeys. There are days that we just cannot convince ourselves to workout or eat healthy, days when we fight against taking the steps necessary to help us reach our goals. What do we do during those times? Do we cave in and give up, or do we keep going forward? And if we push forward, how do we find the way? I think the answer lies in how we find our inspiration for the journey we are on.

There were reasons for all of us when we started out on our journeys, things that inspired us to take the first step. And this applies whether it was starting a healthy lifestyle journey like mine, or the pursuit of  a career, music, whatever. Initially something lit the spark and started us working towards our dreams. But once that spark is lit, how do we keep it going? How do we build that spark into a flame that will continue to motivate us until we reach our goals? The answer is slightly different for each of us, but here is what keeps me going…

First, I have a lot of visual cues to remind me of what I am trying to achieve. I have my one year and five-year goals posted on the wall behind my computer. This keeps me aware of what I am working to achieve right now. Then there are quotes all over my room reminding me to never give up, to go “confidently in the direction of my dreams,” and to believe in myself. There are other quotes throughout as well. And one of the biggest visual inspirations for me is my vision collage. It hangs on the wall by my bed and has images and sayings reflecting my goals. I update this collage every so often with new images to keep it fresh and so that it always draws my eye.

This is a full view of my current collage.

And a detail view of part of one section.

There are other places I find inspiration as well… movies, music and books. In movies, I find that I am often moved by minor characters who are intended to support the plot, but grow and develop in ways that make them shine; live Neville in the Harry Potter series (ok this applies to books as well). I find a lot of my inspirational characters and movies are not the ones people typically think of as motivational. 

Music really speaks to me. As I mentioned before, I always have music playing and I am really drawn towards powerful songs about struggle and rising above. One of my absolute favorites is Stand Back Up by Sugarland, but I find One More Time by Kellie Pickler to be intensely powerful and motivating as well, though many would look at it as a song about breaking up and heartache (I’ve even been told by a friend that it’s a depressing song, but I don’t interpret it that way).

I have already talked about how much I love memoirs. Reading about people who have pursued their dreams while leading ordinary lives shows me that my dreams are possible to, that I can overcome any obstacles in my way if I put my mind to it.

Essentially I keep myself surrounded by images that renew my conviction to pursue my dreams. Inspiration can be found anywhere in my opinion, even in out of the ordinary places.

Where do you find your inspiration every day?

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