New Outlook

As I mentioned yesterday, I am shifting my focus away from weight-loss and back to making healthy choices in the hopes of getting my activity level back to where it was. I also stated that I would be posting my training plan through the end of May in today’s blog. The more I think about it, though, having a set training plan leans towards obligation rather than focusing on fun in my activities again, so I decided to alter that a bit. Instead of creating a set training plan, I have created a list of fun, active workouts with a goal of including at least 2 each day. Without having a set structure I have to follow each week, I think that I will be more likely to incorporate more activity into each day.

Here are the workouts currently on my list:

Strength training (aiming for 3 per week)
Run (aiming for 3 per week)
Dancing (either free style or with a DVD)
New fitness classes at gym
Anything else I can think of (swimming, pilates, horseback riding, skating, whatever!)

I think this gives me a wide variety of fun things to choose from that I can fit into my day at various times. I am going to try this out for the month of May (and the last few days of April) to see if this does the trick to get my activity level back where it needs to be AND to see if I’m having fun with my fitness again. My new lifestyle is supposed to be about enjoying my life in a healthy way and if I dread exercise or see it as a chore, I am less likely to follow through, but making it into a game increases the likelihood that I will be more active.

I will report back each week and let you know how things are going with this new fitness outlook.

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