Monday Meal Planning

Today I received my second produce box from Full Circle Farm.


In this box I received red leaf lettuce, broccoli, carrots, a pint of strawberries, an avocado, 3 oranges & 3 roma tomatoes. I also added a loaf of oatmeal buttermilk bread, a jar of peanut butter and some bananas.

Because this wasn’t quite enough to supply me with meals for the entire week, I also hit up the local QFC and picked up some groceries to round out my lunches and snacks for the week.

I got some red and green bell pepper and a cucumber to round out a salad, some chocolate almond milk, cheese, hummus, soup, crackers and some Food Should Taste Good chips and pita crisps, plus a carton of yogurt. My roommate and I also picked up the fixings for our dinners this week as well.

I will be preparing a large salad to take for lunches this week, plus the hummus and chips. Breakfasts will be peanut butter and toast plus fruit. I will also be making some protein shakes this week because I am just not getting enough protein in each day (and I’m NOT a vegetarian, I’m just a carboholic).

For dinner tonight my roommate and I made chicken, potatoes & bok choy. Tuesday I will be working, so will have a salad and some leftover chicken for my dinner. Wednesday will be taco night, followed by spaghetti on Thursday and a big salad (and leftovers) on Friday. My roommate’s son spends the weekends with his dad, so it’s just us on Friday and Saturday nights.

My roommate is really excited about planning meals in advance. She’s seen me do it with my lunches and stuff and decided that it really makes sense for us to plan out our dinners in advance… it also helps to save money at the grocery store!

On another note…

If you look at my to do list for this weekend, it seems like I really didn’t get anything done. I took yesterday as a complete rest day because I haven’t had one is quite a while, but I really didn’t do much of anything other than read. Today I had plans for some cleaning around the house, but ended up taking a hike instead. I think that was a much better use of my day than cleaning out my dresser drawers to be completely honest! The trail was incredibly beautiful and I really wish I had remembered to bring my camera so I could show you some pictures, but I didn’t. If you are familiar with the parks and trails in Seattle, we hiked at Carkeek park, which has several wooded trails that follow a stream and ends down by the beach on the sound.  Next time I will definitely make sure to bring my camera!


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