A New Kind of Holiday

One of the biggest things that changed in my life when I moved to Washington was how I celebrate holidays. Until this past year, I always lived close to my family and spent every holiday with my parents, my brother and his wife. Now I live two states away from my parents, and too far from my brother to see him regularly, so holidays are a no longer family affairs. For each holiday I have basically done one of two things: joined a friend’s celebration or hung out by myself. I am trying to come up with new traditions and unique things that I can do to celebrate in my new life, but honestly have not made a lot of progress so far.

Holidays feel different now that I am on my own. I think because the aspect of family is what really made them holidays for me. Which is kind of funny because we didn’t really do anything special for most holidays, just hung out together, and we did that pretty much every Sunday too. The exceptions to this of course are Christmas and Thanksgiving, those we did a bit more. But something about just being with my family is what made the days so special.

Now I am learning how to be truly on my own. It’s not bad, I am happy and I love the place that I am at in my life right now, it’s just new. I have had holidays that were truly amazing in the past year, and I have had holidays that were really difficult to get through. I have holidays that surprise me, and holidays that sadden me, but I think (hope) that I have learned something and taken something from each one.

For Easter this year, my plan was to stay home on my own and do a series of boot camp type workouts. I was pumped and motivated by this idea and thought that I would have a really great day. I woke up and ate breakfast, skyped with my parents (as I do every Sunday), took a great walk, did my first strength workout and was settling in to the day. Then my roommate announced that she was not going to let me stay home alone on Easter (she was really upset I did that on Christmas) and that she was kidnapping me and taking me to her dad’s house. So I didn’t get my huge workout, but I did have fun. It wasn’t the Easter that I’m used to with baskets and stuffed bunnies and chocolate eggs, but it was a good day anyway.

One thing that I am learning is that if I want some of the pieces of my past holidays to be incorporated into my new holidays, I will have to do them myself. No one else knows that I always got a stuffed bunny every year for Easter, even as an adult. They don’t know about cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning or crab spread on Christmas Eve or even homemade taco dinners for birthdays (and my dad makes the BEST tacos!).

Holidays won’t be the same again, not unless somehow my entire family ends up living in the same city again. So I will just have to keep working with trial and error until I find what defines each holiday for me now…

How do you make your holidays special?

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