New Month, New Goals, New (old) Attitude!

Ok, I am done with all of the homesickness and feeling down in the dumps. I am done with all of the stress over the crap with school. It is time for me to re-focus and move on with what is important to me and my life… living healthier!

I started 2012 with a goal to become healthier, happier and wealthier. Here is a link to my blog post outlining what I was looking forward to in 2012 With everything that has happened during late February and March, I have not been doing a very good job with following this goal. Now I am ready to get back on track and back to focusing on what is really important in April.

I have taken some steps in the last few days, such as joining the Healthy Living Blog community, joining the Foodie Pen Pal group, and signing up for a local CSA. I have also put together some goals for April that will put me back where I need to be. I am focusing not only on my fitness and weight-loss, but also on my overall self and finances to find the balance that I am seeking. Its time to bring rewards back into my life as well, so I have picked a reward for this month that I will be saving and working towards.

Here are my April Goals:

1. Tracking: I will be tracking 3 different things through the month of April. The first will be my finances, I will be tracking every penny that I spend in the month of April to see where the leaks are and to start coming up with some solid budgeting plans. The second thing that I will be tracking is my food. I used to track my food regularly, but over the last several months have fallen away from that. So for the month of April, I will again be tracking all of my food on Spark ( Finally, I will be wearing my pedometer every day and tracking my steps. I’ve worn it the last couple of days just to work and have gotten in between 5000-7500 steps while there. I want to wear it all day to get a general idea of how much I am moving so I have somewhere to build from.

2. Nutrition: This has been the area where I have really been struggling for months. I have blamed it on the fact that I haven’t had the money to do a lot of grocery shopping so I haven’t been eating a lot of fresh produce. Now that I’ve joined the CSA, I will be getting weekly produce deliveries starting the middle of April. I am using part of my food budget to guarantee that I will be getting fruits and vegetables. The first 2 weeks of April will still be tough, but I plan to be eating 75% clean by the end of the month. Along with this, I need to get my water consumption back into the range it needs to be. The last month I have fallen to somewhere between 4-6 glasses a day, where I used to drink 10-12 glasses. In April I will get in 8-10 glasses of water daily. The final step in the nutrition category is supplements. I have been really bad about taking my supplements over the last couple of months, so I want to get back on track with taking all of my supplements.

3. Fitness: In order to save some money, and because it worked so well the first time, I have decided to not get a bus pass again for the month of April. Instead I will start walking everywhere again. (I will still take the bus home after a closing shift at the request of friends & family who don’t want me walking to 2 miles home that late at night). I am also still training for a 5k in June, so I will be focusing on my 5k training. The last piece of this puzzle for April is strength. I have incorporated some full body strength sessions in each week, this month I will continue with those, but put an emphasis on my upper body and arms.

4. My Self: It is really all about balance when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and I need to find my balance again. In order to do that, I need to make sure that I am taking some me time everyday. For April I am going to start meditating again in the evenings, starting at 5 mins and building up from there. I haven’t meditated in several months, so I think this will be really beneficial for me. I also plan to take some time out for reading. I love to read, but found that I was not taking the time in March to curl up with a book for a while. For April I also want to focus on my dental health and make sure to brush and floss twice a day.

5. Blogging: I really want to focus on my blog in April and on building a relationship with other bloggers. I want to interact with other members of the Healthy Living Blog community through their blogs and the Foodie Pen Pal program. I want to post more frequently to this blog as well, so I have set a goal of posting at least 3 times per week. Finally, to help myself when I am struggling for a topic, I want to create a list of potential blog topics that I can pull from when necessary.

So those are my goals for the month of April. I don’t think that they are too ambitious and feel I should be able to accomplish all of them. Once I get back to a good baseline, I can work on really building up to my big goals… triathlon, lifestyle coach certification, etc.

What goals have you made for the month of April??

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