Moving Forward

My last blog definitely expressed my frustration with my current situation and the way that I have been feeling lately. I needed to get all of that out and work through it in my own head, getting it out here on the blog helps me to do that. Now its time to move past that and get busy on doing the work to move me forward.

To touch back on some of the things I discussed in my previous blog… I have some amazing friends both in person and on the internet that I know are there for me, even when I have a hard time reaching out to them. I know that I have support, even when I feel alone. I am homesick and I do really want to find a way to visit as soon as possible, but I know that the money is not just going to appear like magic, so its something I am going to have to work for. And finally, I am not going to graduate. Yes, as some people said it is only 8 hours, but for me its more than just the hours. I have decided to move forward in the direction I want to go and write off the entire sojourn in pharmacy. I should have dropped the program long ago, but don’t regret starting it, I would not have found some really incredible friends if I hadn’t.

As of today, I have officially joined the Healthy Living Blogs community and will be focusing more on that aspect of my life… the healthy lifestyle part… than on the past. I will be focusing on the positive in my life and what I can do to make every day as healthy, active and, yes, happy, as I can. My dreams and goals have not changed, I just hit a bump in the road that jolted me into a ditch, but I am digging out of it and ready to keep going on my path.

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