Falling into Place

There are several things happening in my life right now, which can be a little overwhelming at times. I am trying to remain focused on what is important to me and where I want to go on my journey. I have completed two weeks of my externship and am starting the third week tomorrow (there are a total of 5 weeks). Once I have completed this, I will have everything that I need to get my license and will have graduated from the program. While I am not fully enamored with the field of pharmacy, I made a committment to finish this program, and I will. Once that is done, it looks like I will be able to move into a full-time position in my current store and not have to worry about moving to a different location. This makes me incredibly happy for so many reasons.

Things have been financially tight for me for some time. Ever since I was laid off over 2 years ago, I have been struggling to keep my head above water, never more so than in the last 5 months. Thankfully I had financial aid to help with my expenses in addition to my part-time job, as well as some incredibly generous friends who really helped me out and took care of me. I have been very stressed about what was going to happen after March when I no longer have any additional funding to supplement my part-time job. Thankfully it looks like this really shouldn’t be a huge issue any longer. As long as everything goes the way it looks like its going to, I should be able to meet my expenses and look at started to put together some savings.

In addition to all of this, I kicked off the next phase of my fitness plan a little early and started training for a 5K today. I have walked in numerous 5Ks over the years, but have never run one. Really, I have never run anything! I started the C25K program about 2 years ago, but had a difficult time running more than 30 seconds at a time, let alone the minute that you are supposed to start with. At the time I had been walking 2-5 miles daily for about 3 months and weighed a few pounds more than I weigh now. This time I am using a slightly different program through Sparkpeople.com and had no problem running the one minute intervals required in today’s training plan. This reinforces for me that I am in probably the best shape of my life right now even though I still have a long way to go. But I know that I will be able to reach my goals this time around.

I feel like things have really started to fall into place for me over the last 6 months or so. I love my job, I get along great with my roommate, and my goals are starting to crystallize. The positive trends that I am seeing in my life, and the fact that things seem to be coming together right when I need them to, is telling me that I am making the right decisions (for the most part) and am on the right path for my journey. It feels like I have been struggling up a hill for a long time and I am finally reaching the summit… and I have to tell you the view is amazing!

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