Updates and Pant Sizes

I have now successfully completed my first week of my extern. I have 4 more weeks to go. I really haven’t changed my mind about the direction of my future, but am realizing that the position I am expecting at my current job may not be instantly available when I am ready for it, which scares me. I absolutely need to be working full-time by mid-March in order to meet my financial obligations and pay my rent for April. So in addition to everything I have going on right now, I am also starting to hunt for a full-time position, at least temporarily to see me through. But that is really not the focus of where I am right now…

Over the last week my exercise really took a hit as I tried to adjust to the schedule of my extern site. I am not a morning person, so switching to an early morning start was very difficult and I was extremely tired most of the time. Once I completed my shift at the hospital, I really didn’t want to worry about exercise. This really isn’t working for me!! I had great workouts Saturday and Sunday and am planning to head over to the gym a little later today (after getting some cleaning and laundry done around the house). I also planned out my exercise for the week, which has me getting off at the gym rather than taking the bus all the way home. I will be putting in at least 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill each day, then will be adding either 30 minutes of strength or 30 additional cardio minutes on either the bike or the elliptical everyday except on the night I work this week. This isn’t quite as much as I was doing in January, but I had more hours available then.

I did have an amazing event this week, at least in my opinion! Yesterday I realized that I didn’t have any clean pants to wear to work because I had been too busy/ tired to do laundry. There was a pair of pants at the back of my closet that I had bought a size smaller many years ago but could never fit into. They even still had the tags attached. Anyway, I really didn’t think they would fit, but thought I would try them on for the heck of it… they fit! In a pant size that I can’t even remember the last time I wore (high school definitely and maybe my early 20’s?). It felt really good to zip them up! I felt like dancing around laughing and screaming. I still have a lot of work left to do, but it feels so good to be on the right track, and it’s really motivated me to keep going. Sometimes I think that non-scale victories are the best!

Last night I noticed something that I have never seen before at my gym. On the wall over the windows that face the street are 3 big signs: “Believe in Yourself” “Push Your Limits” and “Change Your Body”. I am really surprised that I never noticed them before as I left the club or waited for Zumba class. They are awesome and just some of the phrases that I have included in my own vision collage. And combined with the smaller pant size, really helped to reinforce that I am on the correct path.


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  1. Yay for NSVs!!! That’s great! I’m sorry the shift to the new job has been difficult. I always find it much more difficult to exercise at the end of a long day as well. If I don’t get my exercise in by noon, I”m pretty much screwed…

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