Blogging Re-Boot

Its been a while since I’ve posted to this blog… and I could make all kinds of excuses as to why that is, but here is the truth. I was attempting to make this blog into something more that it is because I though that would get more people to read it, and I really want people to read it. I was trying to plan it all out and model it after other blogs that I’ve seen or read, but that’s not me and not what this blog is really supposed to be about. The blog is supposed to be about my journey and my quest to live healthier and lose weight. It’s not about product reviews and businesses in Seattle, it’s about the day in, day out work that goes into being me, living my life.

So, here’s a re-boot on this blog. This is me! I am 40 years old, single and living in Seattle, WA. I love Disney, Harry Potter, romance, butterflies, waterfalls and cats. I have some great friends in the virtual world and in the real world. I currently weight 185.6 lbs, which is a lot on my 5’1″ frame. I have lost almost 30lbs so far on this journey. Right now for cardio, I walk, use the stationary bike & elliptical, plus dance and do Zumba. I also do strength training at home. I belong to a gym and try to get there at least 3 times a week, but sometimes go less (and other times more).

I am getting ready to start an externship on Monday at Seattle Children’s Hospital as a Pharmacy Technician. I am nervous and excited about it, but mostly because I just want to get the program over with already. I have gone back to school multiple times in my life and never finish, so I promised myself and the people in my life that I would finish this program, even though my heart really isn’t in it. My heart is really into preparing for a career in the fitness industry as a certified Weight-Loss and Lifestyle Coach so that I can help people who have gone through life dealing with many of the same issues that I have. But I need to work full-time again and need to support myself, so it’s either try to get a full-time job where I currently work (at The Vitamin Shoppe) or get a full-time job somewhere else. I would really rather stay where I am right now, because it is more inline with what I want to do in the future, plus opens up potential contacts in the fitness world. But I am committed to finishing this program, so for at least the next 5 weeks, I will be focused on pharmacy.

At this point, I know that I am going to be incredibly busy with my externship and work. I am hoping to be able to continue my exercise routine at a level close to what it is now, but know that I might have to step it down a little for the time being. This makes me a little sad, but I just keep reminding myself that its only for 5 weeks. I can handle just about anything for 5 weeks, right?

So there it is, I will not be trying to come up with witty product reviews or locations to visit here in Seattle, but I will share my journey with you and let you know what is working and what isn’t in my life. It is still all about balance for me, and the initial construction of this blog was throwing me a little off-balance, but now things are more in line with my purpose. I will definitely share any products I try that I love and will absolutely mention any places to visit that I think are worth it, but I am not going to seek them out for the sole purpose of this blog. I do, however plan to join the Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers soon and am really interested in a Foodie Pen Pal program that one of my friends has mentioned several times in her blog.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone who is reading this is well and happy and working on your own healthy journey. I will share more of my journey as we travel through the year. I have goals and dreams and big plans for the future, and I want to share them all with you along the way.


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