Zumba Inspired

Last night I went to a Zumba class, my first with this instructor. I am usually completely self-conscious and can be hard on myself when I mess up the choreography. Last night however, I had so much fun I was smiling through difficult sequences even though I was messing up. I didn’t feel self-conscious at all and I was able to let go and have fun with the moves. And it was all because the instructor wasn’t perfect. Instead of the young, fit instructors I’ve seen in the past, this Zumba instructor (whose class I will be taking as often as possible) was bigger, just like me. And seeing him shaking it and getting into the routine helped me to feel comfortable and to know that I could do it myself.

He also helped me realize a few other things about myself as well, and I never even talked to him! Seeing him in front of that class last night helped me to realize that I don’t have to be at my ideal weight to work in the fitness industry. I don’t have to wait until some time in the future when I have deemed myself fit enough and athletic enough to start pursuing my dream of becoming a trainer or fitness coach. There is room in the industry for people who are not at their ideal, but who have the knowledge, ability and passion to teach classes or coach individuals. It was a pretty eye-opening, empowering experience for me.

Does this mean that I am just dropping my program and plans as far as becoming a Pharmacy Technician are concerned? No, not at all! While I realize that I don’t have to wait until some point in the future when I am at my ideal to pursue my dream, I do need to save some money for the training and certification. That means completing my last 3 weeks of classes, my externship & returning to work full-time. I have done some research on the various programs that are out there and decided which program I want to take once I have put aside enough money. Ultimately, I want to become an ACE certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach. To do this I first have to become either a certified personal trainer or a certified group fitness instructor through ACE. I have not firmly decided which program I will take yet, but it will be at least 6 months before I am in the position financially to start the program. In the meantime, I am going to continue with the fitness goals that I am already pursuing this year, including a minimum of 2 Zumba classes per week in January!

Have you ever been inspired in an unlikely place?

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