A New Beginning

Its New Year’s Eve, that time of the year when everyone makes their resolutions for the coming year. I used to do this every year, make a list of resolutions about changes I wanted to make in the new year… I was lucky if they lasted a week. Several years ago I stopped making resolutions and started making goals instead. In the beginning my goals were quite similar to my old resolutions, then I learned how to really break them down into what I could reasonably accomplish in a year. I started making them specific and then broke them down each month. I did better with these goals, but still really wasn’t sticking with it as much as I wanted. Last year, when I was writing my annual letter to myself on New Year’s Eve (which I seal and don’t open until NYE of the following year), I decided that I didn’t want to make a lot of goals for the year that I would probably give up on a month or so down the line. So I didn’t make a specific goal for the year, I made a general goal… to be healthier and happier.

As I went through transition after transition in 2011, I kept referring back to that one goal I had at the beginning of the year. When it came time to make decisions, I would keep that goal in the back of my mind. I found that I was more open to new experiences, which in turn expanded my world. I moved to a new state, tried new foods and cuisines, met new people, found new reading genres, started a journey towards a new career: things that truly enriched my life. And while I have not always made the healthiest choices and have known some sadness and frustration, as I look back at this past year I can truly say that I am both healthier and happier than I was one year ago.

I pulled out my letter from last year this morning and read it. I was surprised by some of the things that I had said, because I did not remember how frustrated and bitter I was when the year began. I look back and see myself pushing through with a positive attitude (most of the time) and following a motto I adopted from the headline of a magazine article- “Find the Happy in Every Day.” So that tells me that I am definitely a happier person.

And I am healthier too. I lost just over 10% of my body weight, starting the year at 215lbs and ending at 191.6lbs. While I still have a long way to go, I have reduced my risk of diabetes and heart disease already. And I will continue to reduce that risk as I continue on my journey.

There are definitely some things that I want to accomplish in 2012, and I will be making goals for each month and each week, which I will be posting on this blog every Sunday. But as far as an overall goal for the year it is to continue on my current path, and to finish 2012 healthier, happier and wealthier than I am today. (I did add wealthier because finances are the are my life is currently out of balance in, but more of that in a later blog).

Here are some things that I am looking forward to accomplishing in 2012:

1. Losing another 10% of my body weight (or more)
2. Graduating and getting my Pharmacy Technician License
3. Going home to San Diego for a visit
4. Visiting at least 1 new state (Idaho is first on my list)
5. Getting my passport
6. Becoming a Washington resident (I am still a California resident currently)
7. Meeting new people through Meet-up Groups
8. Participating in charity fitness events
9. Going back to work full-time
10. Being open to new experiences and adventures as they come my way.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012??


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